Club Penguin New Pin!!

There’s a new hidden pin on Club Penguin! Here’s how to find the Leaf pin:

1. Click on the map in the upper left.
2. Go to the Ski Hill.
3. Click on the Leaf pin.


Club Penguin Scavenger Hunt Answers!!

walk over the box to get the hat!

When you dance with the Spring Gardening Hat you start to sprinkle water out of a can.

Here is a step by step guide on how to find all of the the Recycle Hunt Items!

The first item is at the Coffee Shop on top of the plant.

The second item is at the Pet Shop where all of the Puffle O Boxes are kept.

The third item is a barrel of cream soda which is hidden behind a tree in the cove.

The fourth item is hidden at the Dojo Courtyard, up on the roof is a bottle of Hot Sauce.

The fifth item is on top of the book shelf in the book room, its some coffee beans.

The sixth item is hidden behind a rock in the Forest, click it and it will move. Click it again to get it in your Recycle Hunt items list.

The seventh item is a pizza box witch is on the inflatable rings next to the Winter Sport shop.

The eighth item is hidden behind a mine card at the mine.

You’ve now collected all of the items form the Recycling hunt click the ‘Claim Prize’ Button to receive your prize.

The Prize is a Recycle Pin. You can now also enter the Recycling Center so lets go in their and check it out.

When you throw a snow ball it turns in to one of the items you collected on the Hunt.

ZIngs 24th Prize!!

ZIng has just given out his 24th prize!

here is how u can get it!

1.) Open your map in Pandanda

2.) Click Tree House Lobby

3.) Click on Zing Ballyhoo


tickets will pop up any where in Pandanda Land. Just like cans and food.

Once you have ten golden tickets, return to Zing Ballyhoo to receive your prize.

this weeks prize is a BLUE MOHAWK!!!!

this is what it looks like on your player card.

and this is how it looks like on your panda!

Fantage Celebrity Event!

Hey every one! PeaceMagoozel21 here! M has posted on the Fantage Blog about an upcoming Celebrity Event. Come to Fantage’s celebrity event from thursday-monday of next week. This party is acknowledging all the renowned members of Fantage who have ben with us for a long time that they are famous. All the celebrities and participants will receive a free gift.

sweet right?!

Dizzy Wood Charm! Navy Heel Charm

hey every one there is a new charm out! the navy shoe charm! it is located in the ICEY AERIE! thx to peace24’s word press site for helping me find where it was located!! 😀

This charm is available 4-17 to 4-23.

here r the directions on how to get there   ( i used some of paece24’s pics so i want to give her FULL CREDIT on it!! :D)

how to get to the Aerie?  First, you will have to accept the mission “Get Crystal Key” .    The crystal key is in the chasm.  You will need to levitate over the chasm (in presto’s edge) and fall into the Chasm.  Click on the crystal key.  Now that you have the key.  Go to Presto’s Edge.  Click on the KEY in your backpack, then Click on the CRYSTAL KEYHOLE.  It will take you to the Icy Aerie

Accept Mission for FIND A CRYSTAL KEY ( under mission tab)

In Presto’s Edge.. levitate over the chasm. You will “fall” into the chasm.

Click on crystal key when you get into the chasm.

Crystal Key in Backpack- Click on the key FIRST, then the crystal keyhole

Now click on the Crystal Keyhole & you will go to the Icy Aerie

hope this helped and mostly thx to peace24!! 😀

Fantage News

new items arrived at the Le Shop, Loco Boardz, Stellar Salon, the Wizard’s Domain, and Sun Block. There will be new outfits for the warmer weather that is coming.

Here is an image we were given of some of the new items at the shops:

Here is a picture of some of the new items coming to the Wizard’s Domain:

Here is an image of the new eyes:

Dizzy Wood Charm: Green Stripe Egg!

The Green Stripe Egg charm has been released and is located in the Garden Gazebo.

then you get to the Garden Gazebo, go all the way till you get to the bushes behind the tea party. You will have to levitate over the bushes to reach the charm. It is kinda hard to see. After you get the charm, just levitate back over the bushes.
THANKS TO PEACE24 for letting me know where the charm was!! 😀

Dizzy Wood Charms

The Heart Balloon Charm is located in Presto’s Grove :)

and the Lucky Hat Charm is located in the Jaguar Temple 🙂

Pandanda: Egg Hunt Reminder!

okay so the egg hunt on pandanda will be ending tomorrow! 😦 i know so sad! 😦 so make sure u get the cool prizes before the party ends!

NON members and members can get the pet egg for 100 eggs!!! its so cool that non members can get it too!

and there is proof! LOL yep i named my pet Peace!


Club Penguin New Pin

hey every one! there is a new pin at the dock!

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