NEWS!!! for fantage, pd, dw, cp

Hey every one! PeaceMagoozel21 here! M has posted on the Fantage Blog about an upcoming Celebrity Event. Come to Fantage’s celebrity event from thursday-monday of next week. This party is acknowledging all the renowned members of Fantage who have ben with us for a long time that they are famous. All the celebrities and participants will receive a free gift.

sweet right?!


Hey Fantagians! Magoozel here! Soon the St. Patrick’s Party will be coming to Fantage!

The party will last from Monday March 15th to Sunday March 21st! There will be several items for Fantage users to buy. There will be a treasure hunt that you can participate in. You will need to search for Finnigan’s lost golden coins. If you find them all, you will get a cool prize. There will also be a game event when upon completion, you will be given free gifts. Tomorrow, a new Invite A Friend Medal will be released!

To get this medal, you need to invite 2 friends to join Fantage and they must play for 1 hour each.

——thanks to

these items arrived to fantage! at the Stellar Salon. Loco Boardz, and Le Shop. We will have new Hair, Clothing items, and Boards. There will also be some new St. Patricks items! These items may be very expensive because M has mentioned that we hopefully saved up stars from the color battles. There will also be new rare items at the Wizard’s Domain.

hey Magoozel here! there are some very cool new boards!

new medals are coming out soon for hosting a party O_O these are the medals


new animal costumes will be coming out in jesters shop thursday.

and some new random furniture items which are shown below.


ok so as we all know, there is going to be a Monster Color War. on February 19th this friday!
ok so this friday there is going to be a color war. So i’ve heard that we get to pick our OWN color and transform into that monster! koolio!

The color battle will be starting this friday. go to the beach or the carnival to get into teh color war paint buckets.

here are the monsters of what they look like!

I like the purple one da best! tell me wat u like da best! comment!

Every one right away check out the new Comet!!! NEW!


Primary Games.. hosted a party a few months ago and who ever came got a cool purple t-shirt. well this saturday the 24th, there will be another party and if u come u can get the purple smiley face t-shirt. <a href=””><img src=”; alt=”” title=”sbhfky.jpg” width=”390″ height=”233″ /></a> i got this picture from (giving them full credit of course!) here is the play card of the primarygames! <a href=””><img src=”; alt=”” title=”23upraa.jpg” width=”390″ height=”204″ /></a> here is the invite! Day: April 24th Time: 9:00 PDT Server: Polar Room: Orchard Check out for more time zones! go to

Earth Day! turn in your cans and bottles to steve on East Market Street and he will recycle them for you! he will give you double the money too!

Member Ship for a Day May 1st!!!


St. Patrick’s Day! March 17th, 2010

Hi everyone,

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig – which is Gaelic for “Happy St. Patrick’s Day”. I hope you’re all enjoying a wee bit of St. Patrick’s Day fun by logging in today to pick up your free Panda gift. You may want to swing on over to the Clothing Co. and buy an Irish flag t-shirt and perhaps some green Panda Paint to get into the spirit of things.

Don’t forget that there will be a brand new ‘Pandanda Collection’ catalog coming out tomorrow. The catalog features a ‘Signature Series’ section of player card backgrounds designed by some of our players, AltoBhai, CoolBrie, Dembikova, Loopy, Moth, and PolkaGirl919. These were some other submissions from our player card background drawing contest in December that we liked and we think you’ll like them too!


Also: when u log into pandanda, u will get a free hat! stylish!!

New Clothes Catalog This Thursday! March 15th, 2010
Hi Pandas,

I have some exciting news! The impeccably dressed Mr. Fitch from the Clothing Co. on East Market Street has placed a new calendar event on your calendar. This Thursday he will have a new clothing catalog available full of fabulous new fashions for Spring. Mr. Fitch let me walk through his back store room and preview a few of the items. I think you’re really going to love them!

Also, don’t forget that this Wednesday is St. Patrick’s Day and everyone that signs in will receive a free gift for their Panda to celebrate.

Happy Day,



* Zing is leaving on the 14th…. last day to get a prize!:(
* St. Patrick’s Day on the 17th!!!!! 😀
* My Hang Out Party!! I’m leaving for italy on the 26th!!! 😀 i wanted to say good bye cuz im gunna be in italy for 2 weeks!
Server: Willow
Place: Purple Door
Time: 4:30 AM i know that is kinda early but as i said im laving for italy!! 😀

* the easter egg hunt is on the 27th! ill be on pandanda when im in italy! 😀
* easter day is on april 4th

Hey every one! the nwe pandanda calandar was released today! March 10, 2010

Hey everyone,

The Pandanda Calendar is finally here! You can open the calendar by clicking the new calendar icon located on the menu bar next to the sheriff badge.

The first thing you’ll notice are some Pandanda events already scheduled. Parties, holidays and special occasions will be added to the calendar throughout the year! This is a great way to see upcoming events in Pandanda!

The other really cool thing you can do with the calendar is make your own events and invite your friends! Schedule parties, pets shows, or invite friends to your special event! Getting started is simple – click the “Add Event” button on the day that you want to have your event. This will bring up an Event Creation Window. Select the type of event, location, server, time, and finally choose the friends you want to invite. If you get stuck you can always click the “?” icon at the bottom of the calendar for some help.

I’m really excited with this update and I hope you enjoy it too!

Henry 😀

Pandanda Calendar Sneak Peak!!
Hi Pandas,

I want to give you a sneak peek of an awesome upcoming new feature: the Pandanda Calendar! The Calendar is totally cool! Not only will you be able to see upcoming Pandanda Events you’ll be able to create your own events like parties and fashion shows and invite your friends. An event that you create will automatically show up on your friends calendars. You’ll be able to arrange times to meet up and go fishing or play a game! We can’t wait to see what you all think of this great new way to have fun in Pandanda.

In other news, it looks like the sun has started to shine and the snow in Pandanda Land is melting. Wahoo! Bring on Spring!




Greetings Pandas!

This Saturday, February 27th, 2010, Pandanda is hosting a Free Elite Member Day! That means everyone who logs in on Saturday will have full access to all of Pandanda’s Elite Membership features! You can use your Pandanda coins to buy anything in the Pandanda Collection clothes catalog! Or purchase any furniture in the House & Tree catalog and unlock your tree house to have friends over! You can even adopt a pet dragon!

This event is for one day only starting on Saturday at 12:01am PST and ending Saturday at 11:59pm PST so don’t miss out!

Your Friends,
The Pandanda Team

Zings 20th Prize!

1. go to your map
2. click tree house lobby
3. click zing

( you are only able to get the prize if you have 10 golden tickets!)

the prize this week is BLUE PANTS or 500 COINS!

here is how the pants look!


Spring clothes now on sale! : Dizzy wood

Head over to the House of Fashion to check out the latest styles now hitting Groomfur’s shelves. He’s featuring sweet spring outfits, fun party masks, and festive garb for St. Patrick’s Day.

Speaking of the green-themed holiday, Presto has it on good authority that our favorite little guy “Leppy” the Leprechaun will be making another visit this year on St. Patrick’s Day — Wednesday, March 17th.

Don’t miss out on meeting the lucky leprechaun. If you catch him, you may be able to find his Pot o’ Gold!

In the meantime, get shopping before Groomfur’s clothing is retired to make room for new fashions. Back by popular demand, you can now get the Baseball Hat, Classic Shorts and Heart Headband for a limited time only! Hurry, before these hot items are returned to the vault again!

The Pastel Stripe Egg Charm is located in Presto’s Grove.

The RAINBOW Charm is located in the Chasm and is available 2-17 to 2-24.


go to the explorers camp and to the tents!

then here is the charm!

(Hearts.. Lollipop Charm!)

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!! so many cool things are happening in Dizzy Wood right now!!! check it out!!

Valentine’s Day Dresses: You can find the Valentine’s Day Dresses in the Groomfur’s Clothing shop or on the online store. In order to get the dresses off the online store, you need to pay with ur points or money. Either one will work.

Valentine Mail Boxes: The Mail Boxes are located in the Party Tent which is located in Prestos Grove. When you put it in ur hme and click on it, u automatically get 125 points! So does ur friends if they visit ur house. (only gold members get the mailboxes, but if u visit some one’s house then u can get the points.)

Arrow Heart T-Shirt: Go to the Crystal Catacombs. You will see the heart pole as soon as you arrive.

Friendship Flower Emotes: The are located in : SKYTOWN (lily) – GARDEN GAZEBO (Rose) – TANGLEVINE JUNGLE (Tulip)

Winged Heart Sprite: This is located in Canal City ROAD. You will need to ghost ray the 4th tree, counting if u get to the road bye the presto’s edge sign. This is only for gold members!

Floating Hearts: There are hearts floating all over Dizzy Wood!!! I thought that they looked like bubbles! Lolz

FIX THE BROKEN LOCKETS : . When you arrive in Dizzy Wood you will get a message explaining about the broken lockets. You will get half of the broken locket. It will be either the right or left half. They come in colors.. red, blue, yellow & pink. You will have to find a match in color and the other side to match yours. You will have to ask other “dizzies” to find a match. When you do, drop your half of the locket (it is in “stuff” in your lists/backpack) . Click on the other players locket. You both will receive FIVE coins. You can REPEAT this with as many others as you can match with. I have the Left Blue locket!!

Crystal Catacombs – Heart Shirt

TANGLEVINE JUNGLE: Friendship Flower Emote: TULIP

Garden Gazebo – Friendship Flower Emote: ROSE

SKYTOWN: Friendship Flower Emote : LILY

Valentine Mail Box in home: Will get 125 POINTS when you click on it. (i forgot to take a pic of the message srry!:()

host Ray 4th tree from the Presto’s edge sign & click on sprite when u see it. ( u will get a critter as shown in the pic :))

February Fashions – Get Styled!
Groomfur has released some hot new designs for February available in his House of Fashion now! They are super cute and definitely must-haves for your winter wardrobe. Check out these sizzling styles to keep you looking hot even while it’s cold outside.

We’re also excited to give you a sneak peek of the gorgeous line that Groomfur is working on for Valentine’s Day. He’s heard rumors of a party being planned and wants to make sure you’re all looking fabulous!

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peak! plz comment! 🙂

March 14th: Rock Hopper departs

March 15: New Game Comes out: Puffle Rescue

March 19th: Club Penguin Awards

March 19th: Pet Catolgue

March 12th-March 25th: New Pin

ok so on March 19th,is the second Annual Penguin Awards! whoa! i can’t wait!

Friday March 12th, igloo upgrades!

New pin on March 11th!

I hope every one is enjoying Rock Hopper’s visit!

hey every one tweetytweet2 here!

rockhopper is coming to club penguin on March 5th! i cant wait! he always brings exciting new items! wat do u think he will bring?

Check the NewsPaper for more info!


OMG! ORANGE PUFFLE’S!!!!! :O get your own now!



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