How to add a mix pod on your website!

hey every one! ppl have been asking me if i know how to put a mix pb on their site! well here r the steps! this works 100 percent! thanks to the blogger! 😀

Here we go:
Step 1: go to Select “Create Playlist” select the songs you want in your playlist. I If you’ve never been on the site this may take some time as you enjoy some of your favorite music. select a player and make a list.
(if you already have a list skip to step ) For this demo we are going to use the
Step 2: Select your player (for this demo we are going to use “Stick”. you can do all kids of things to change the color and styles. That is up to you. I am just going to leave the default.
Step 3: give your list a name all the other things are optional.
Step 4: Save your List(get code): if you don’t already have an account you will need to create one. (this will automatically log you onto your account.
Step 5: Login (if you didn’t have a list when you started when you save you will auto logged in)
Step 6: it will give options to save your code to myspace, facebook, etc. You will need to select other sites.
Step 7:in the list of other sites there is a button that says more you will need to click on that to get to (I tried to use the embed code at the bottom, but I couldn’t get it to work?)
Step 8:Click on the WordPress button: it will ask you for your for your login info. Put it in and post the information
Step 9:Log in to your account. Click on posts. You will see a new post. edit the post. and click on the html on the right just above the editing box. make sure to copy all the code in the box. Just copy the code don’t cut or delete the code so if you have any problems you will be able to come back to this point.
step 10: Now click on the “Appearance” tab on the admin menu on the left. The same tab used to change the them.
it will open a little window and then click on “widget”
Step 11: Once Widget is selected you will see a list of widgets you can use. find the “text” widget towards the bottom. Click and drag the text widget to the sidebar at the top right of the page. If you are using a laptop, like I was it was difficult to get the text to the side bar. You will know you have done it correctly if it opens up a new window with a one line box with Title above it and then a larger text box.
step 12: Paste all the text from the post into the big text box. leave the Title blank so as to make it look like the player is just part of the page.
step 13:click the save at the bottom of the text widget you just installed.
step 14:(This is optional – but I wouldn’t skip it) You can view your blog now to see if the player is showing up in your widget.)
step 15:(also optional) you can take out the code so the ugly little buttons don’t appear blow your player.
if you have looked at the page you will need to navigate back to the widget page. You can open up the text widget by clicking on it.
(This is a new version of this instruction updated 10/14/2009)Muchas Gracias to Carlos Isaza
step 16:Once you are in there find the part in the code that looks like this

erase all the code from there to the end except for the “

” leave that little bit at the end.
The numbers listed after playlist will be different for your play list, that is the id of your playlist.
Make sure to click the Save button on the text widget
At this point you should be done and you should have the player going. If your player doesn’t show up on your blog you can start from step 9.
Please let me know if you have difficulty and I will try to help where I can.
Good luck


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