Dizzy Wood Charms

hey every one there is a new charm out! the navy shoe charm! it is located in the ICEY AERIE! thx to peace24’s word press site for helping me find where it was located!! 😀

This charm is available 4-17 to 4-23.

here r the directions on how to get there ( i used some of paece24’s pics so i want to give her FULL CREDIT on it!! :D)

how to get to the Aerie? First, you will have to accept the mission “Get Crystal Key” . The crystal key is in the chasm. You will need to levitate over the chasm (in presto’s edge) and fall into the Chasm. Click on the crystal key. Now that you have the key. Go to Presto’s Edge. Click on the KEY in your backpack, then Click on the CRYSTAL KEYHOLE. It will take you to the Icy Aerie

Accept Mission for FIND A CRYSTAL KEY ( under mission tab)

In Presto’s Edge.. levitate over the chasm. You will “fall” into the chasm.

Click on crystal key when you get into the chasm.

Crystal Key in Backpack- Click on the key FIRST, then the crystal keyhole

Now click on the Crystal Keyhole & you will go to the Icy Aerie

hope this helped and mostly thx to peace24!! 😀

The Green Stripe Egg charm has been released and is located in the Garden Gazebo.

then you get to the Garden Gazebo, go all the way till you get to the bushes behind the tea party. You will have to levitate over the bushes to reach the charm. It is kinda hard to see. After you get the charm, just levitate back over the bushes.
THANKS TO PEACE24 for letting me know where the charm was!! 😀

The Heart Balloon Charm is located in Presto’s Grove :)

and the Lucky Hat Charm is located in the Jaguar Temple 🙂


The hearts cake charm is in Skytown.

First go to prestos edge by the big machine thingy 😀

the use ur ZAP POWER

then walk in it. 😀

go across the bridge and there it is! the cake heart charm!!

hey every one! there is a new dizzy wood charm in mage barrow!

first go to prestos edge by the key hole looking thing! 😀

then when u get to mage barrow u will see the box in front of u!

the charm is a Lucky Hand Bag Charm!

Zebra Heels Charm, is located in Groomfur’s Runway Tent, in Presto’s Grove.

Hey every one!

the Egg Pink Striped Charm is located in the T.V. Studio. You can get there from Canal City East.. or if you have a TV in your room.

The lucky clover charm is located in Wildwood Glen.


This charm is located in Presto’s Edge, on the other side of the bridge. Close to the sign’s to get to Tanglevine Jungle. thx for Peace 24 showing me where the charm was located! 😀


the Pink hand bad charm is located in the observitory in sky town!

This charm is located in Tanglevine Jungle.. right over the river close to the Keep Out sign for Grool Grubnibbler’s lair.


The Pastel Stripe Egg Charm is located in Presto’s Grove.

The RAINBOW Charm is located in the Chasm and is available 2-17 to 2-24.


go to the explorers camp and to the tents!

then here is the charm!

(Hearts.. Lollipop Charm!)


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