Contest?!?!?!?! :):):):):)

hey everyone!!!! i have a new contest for u!! 😀 answer these questions and e-mail me the answers at

* wat is my fave song? boom boom pow, baby, love story, Ima Bee. hint—-> (I luv justin Bieber!)
* wat is my fave color? light blue, pink, green dark sea purple. hint—> ( dark color)
* wat was my last post on? IPOD?, Dizzy wood Cheats page:Updated, All puffles have gone missing! hint——> (music)

hurry! btw this contest wont close for a while! unless more ppl summit their answers to me!

comment or send answers to

oh an by the way. keep a good eye on my blogs cuz there will be contests for u. :) u dont want to miss them. the first contest will open on Decemebr 18th. here is wat have to do in order to win…
1. who ever comments the most on my blogs
2. goes on my site the most offten
3. gives me tons of feed back ( good ones of course!!)

1. if u see me on dizzywood, club penguin, or pandanda the prize is 5,000 coins
( my username for dizzywood is tweetybird205 and i am always on the first server on the list)
( my username for club penguin is tweetytweet2, if u want comment on this blog and i will tell u the most common servers im on)
(my username for pandanda is Magoozel i am alway son the server Willow)
IN ORDER FOR U TO WIN THE 5,OOO COINS ON ANY OF THE WEBSITES I NAMED ( CLUBPENGUIN, PANDANDA, OR DIZZYWOOD, OR ALL OF THEM) U MUST TELL ME UR USER NAME AND PASSWORD. dont worry i wont tell any one. in order to keep ur information priviate, comment on my blog saying u want to join this contest…. i will give u my email address…. till then GOOD LUCK


well it’s been a while so the winner for the most blogs so far for the last month or something is polishdancer71! comment to claim your prize!!!!

polsihdancer congrats! comment to claim ur prize!



  1. thats awesome ant wait!

  2. sorry ment cant lol

  3. wow AWESOME!!!!! I’ll keep my eye on you!!!

  4. this contest never closes! 🙂

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