Club Penguin Earth Day Scavenger Hunt Answers!!!

walk over the box to get the hat!

When you dance with the Spring Gardening Hat you start to sprinkle water out of a can.

Here is a step by step guide on how to find all of the the Recycle Hunt Items!

The first item is at the Coffee Shop on top of the plant.

The second item is at the Pet Shop where all of the Puffle O Boxes are kept.

The third item is a barrel of cream soda which is hidden behind a tree in the cove.

The fourth item is hidden at the Dojo Courtyard, up on the roof is a bottle of Hot Sauce.

The fifth item is on top of the book shelf in the book room, its some coffee beans.

The sixth item is hidden behind a rock in the Forest, click it and it will move. Click it again to get it in your Recycle Hunt items list.

The seventh item is a pizza box witch is on the inflatable rings next to the Winter Sport shop.

The eighth item is hidden behind a mine card at the mine.

You’ve now collected all of the items form the Recycling hunt click the ‘Claim Prize’ Button to receive your prize.

The Prize is a Recycle Pin. You can now also enter the Recycling Center so lets go in their and check it out.

When you throw a snow ball it turns in to one of the items you collected on the Hunt.


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